Pro-Bono Counseling

Pro-Bono Counseling Program

The TownLake YMCA Pro-Bono Counseling Program is dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families find their way through mental health, family, and social issues. Our services began in September of 2009 and several hundred individuals, couples and parents have taken advantage of our counseling program. We offer two free sessions per Y member, and then paid sessions are available on an income-based sliding fee scale.

The YMCA’s pro bono counselors offer tele-health appointments as well as in-person sessions.

Pro-Bono Recovery Coaching

The TownLake YMCA also offers Pro-Bono Recovery Coaching for members in recovery from addiction and substance abuse. Two free sessions (one introductory consultation and one coaching session) are provided by Charles McGarty of Active Recovery Coaching, and then paid sessions are available on an income-based sliding fee scale.

Our office is located upstairs at the TownLake YMCA at the back of the Pilates room. Parents are encouraged to use the child care services offered by the Y if needed during their appointment time. Please click the counselor names below to book an appointment.

*Pro-Bono Counseling sessions are for YMCA of Austin members only.

Shannon and her family are longtime members and supporters of the YMCA. As a new Mom nearly 13 years ago, Shannon began bringing her little ones to the Y for socialization and her own mental and physical well-being. Today, Shannon brings her experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate along with many years honing her practice in the “art and joy” of living and parenting mindfully.  

As a counselor, Shannon is straightforward in her approach using techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help her clients develop an awareness of sabotaging, repetitive thought patterns and behaviors. Practices such as Mindfulness, Ecotherapy, physical activity and meditation are also woven throughout Shannon’s work with others.  

Contact SHANNON R. AYCOCK at:  

Good Life Counseling 

Austin, Texas 78759 

(o) (940) 278-8744 


My practice is based on the person-centered model of the late psychotherapist Carl Rogers, who espoused the Humanstic philosophy of empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard for the client. I meet clients where they are and join them in their self-exploration and in embracing personal responsibility. I also do some life-coaching for appropriate clients.

Elizabeth O’Brien - Individual Counseling

(Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor) 512-680-7379 Sees individuals only.

Kristina Yarbrough is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFT) in Austin. She has over a decade of experience providing counseling services to individuals, families, children and communities, in the United States and in Mexico. Kristina is collaborative and solution-focused. Please contact Kristina for individual, family, and/or child therapy, or for more information on Family and Community Workshops. Kristina is fluent Spanish, and is happy to provide counseling services to Spanish-speakers.

“I have worked with families, children, adolescents and adults for 20 years in the Austin area. You can count on my sincere, committed and patient support with whatever you are facing. I prioritize creating a space of emotional safety, where you feel heard, accepted and acknowledged. I bring cultural awareness, collaboration & a solution-focused perspective to our conversations. I welcome all people: LBGTQ+, immigrants, quien habla español, neurodiverse; all religions, nationalities, cultures and bodies”


Kristina Yarbrough, LMFT

English and Spanish-Speaking; sees adult individuals. Focuses on relationships, stress, trauma, and narcissistic abuse. Offers virtual, in-person, and hybrid options.

Charlie is a YMCA member and certified personal trainer, recovery coach, and yoga instructor. His certifications include fitness nutrition and y12sr (yoga 12 step recovery). Charlie has worked in treatment centers creating wellness programs and, through his own recovery journey, has found purpose in working with others.

Charlie McGarty

(Recovery Coaching from Addiction or Substance Abuse) (631) 599-9953