Afterschool Care

Ages 3 – 12 years

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The YMCA is the largest provider of child care in the U.S. and has been serving children and families in the greater-Austin area for more than 50 years. The YMCA has always focused on meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of our young learners so they can grow into the changemakers of tomorrow.

Children in our afterschool programs enjoy enriching programs that aim to give children a well-rounded experience. Activities include physical activities, social emotional learning (self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making), creativity, critical thinking, and voice and choice, to create an environment for children to have positive social experiences.

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EAC YMCA Afterschool Information

We offer child care programs for children PreK through Grade 5, serving more than 4,000 youth annually. Afterschool care provides opportunities for physical, social, emotional and cognitive learning experiences and support, at more than 70 licensed sites in Austin ISD, Hays CISD, Round Rock ISD, Manor ISD, and area charter schools.

EAC YMCA Experience

Registration and payments go through EZChildTrack. Parents/Guardians can enroll and manage their accounts & payments via the EZChildTrack Parent Portal.

Reach out to our office at 512-236-9622 or with any questions.

2023-24 Afterschool Calendars:

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2023-24 Afterschool Fees Information

Enroll via EZChildTrack.

Registration fee – $50 registration fee*

* Per child, paid at time of registration.

2023-24 Monthly Fees by District

Monthly Fees – Parents will be able to select their fee of choice during the registration process:

Austin Achieve: Family Fee: $285 Advertised Fee: $405
Austin ISD: Family Fee: $316 Advertised Fee: $405
Hays CISD: Family Fee: $316 Advertised Fee: $405
KIPP Schools: Family Fee: $285 Advertised Fee: $405
Manor ISD: Family Fee: $316 Advertised Fee: $405
Round Rock ISD: Family Fee: $316 Advertised Fee: $405
UT Elementary: Family Fee: $285 Advertised Fee: $405

Afterschool fees are drafted on the 1st of each month August through May.

See our Fee Information and Schedule here.

Financial Assistance is available. Some schools are already receiving a reduced rate option. Enroll via EZChildTrack.

A girl in a green long sleeved shirt smiles and waves at the camera while playing tag in a school basketball gym. Other kids playing and the walls of the basketball gym are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Afterschool Program Details

  • Afterschool care is provided from school dismissal until 6:30pm*
  • Monday thru Friday (on regularly scheduled school days)
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • Financial Assistance available
  • CCS families welcome
  • Minimum enrollment for programs is 30 children

*Some schools end at 6:00pm

2023-24 Parent Policies: Read the Afterschool Parent Policies here.

A little girl in striped dress cheers and smiles at the camera as she goes down a slide on a playground. Other girls in pink shirts and facemasks sit behind her at the top of the slide. Trees are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Afterschool Locations

Afterschool Locations (See Google Map Here) or see the tab below.

Please call our office at 512-236-9622 or email to confirm that your school is active and to find out about delayed start dates for specific schools.

A girl in a gray shirt and a boy in a green shirt and glasses share a smile together while seated on the floor in a line with a group of other kids. The green floor and white walls of the room they are in are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Refer A Friend

Know someone who needs childcare?

Refer a Friend to the Afterschool Program and you can earn a $25 credit added to your account! All they need to do is mention your name on their application. Refer as many friends as you want!

Additional Information

Please call our office at 512-236-9622 or email to confirm that your school is active and to find out about delayed start dates for specific schools.

AISD Hays Manor Round Rock Charter
Barton Hills Blanco Vista

Blake Manor

Bluebonnet Trail

Canyon Creek Austin Achieve
Becker Buda Lagos Caraway Austin Achieve – Pflugerville
Blanton Carpenter Hill Manor RISE Academy Jollyville KIPP Austin North
Blazier Elm Grove Oak Meadows Laurel Mountain KIPP Austin Paseo
Boone Fuentes Pioneer Crossing Spicewood KIPP Austin Ridge
Bryker Woods
Kyle Presidential Meadows   KIPP Austin South
Casis Negley ShadowGlen   UT Elementary
Cowan Pfluger      
Cunningham Science Hall      
Dawson Sunfield      
Graham Tobias International      
Gullett Tom Green      
Oak Hill        
Pleasant Hill        
St. Elmo        
Sunset Valley        
Travis Heights        

Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to high demand, a large number of our afterschool programs are full. Make sure to complete our online application here to get your name added to our waitlist as soon as possible. When you enroll your child and there is a waitlist, then your child’s application will be automatically added to the waitlist. There is no fee due to place your child on the waitlist.

Families directed to our waitlist will be sent email updates about program availability and projected start dates. Feel free to reach out to our CSR team at 512-236-9622 or with any questions about waitlists.

When a spot becomes available then a Customer Service Representative will reach out to you to offer you the spot and move forward with enrollment.

You must respond within the time deadline given in order to secure the spot, before the spot is offered to the next family on the list.

YMCA of Austin programs and activities are designed to benefit persons of all backgrounds and means. Fees are based on the cost of program delivery. While participants are asked to pay in relation to their means, while financial assistance dollars are available, the YMCA will assist any individual or family that wants to participate in Afterschool Care programs.

To apply for financial assistance, answer the questions in the afterschool application at EZChildTrack. We will follow up after your application is submitted.

To be approved for financial assistance, we require:

  • Copies of your most recent month of check stubs
  • Registration to receive benefits with Rural Workforce Solutions Child Care Services (CCS)


Refund Policy:

Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. Monthly fees that have been pro-rated are eligible for refund, upon request. If EAC Y does not receive a refund request within 30 days of cancellation, any unused credits will be transferred to the EAC Y Scholarship Fund. Refund and/or credits are NOT issued under the following circumstances:

  • your child is absent,
  • your child is suspended from school or EAC Y,
  • if there is a unexpected school closure announced by your district,
  • In the event of an unexpected school closure due to weather, an emergency or natural disaster, including temporary closures due to COVID (10 regular school/program days or less), tuition for that month will NOT be refunded or discounted,
  • your child is required to sit-out of the program to quarantine.
  • If closures extend beyond 10 regular school/program days, your next month’s fee will be credited with a 25% discount. If during a closure, a family decides to de-enroll, please continue to follow our cancellation policy, as described below.

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel child care services and avoid additional charges, please submit your request using the online cancellation form here or under the forms section in your EZ Child Track account. We require a notice of 10 business days, prior to your child’s last day at the program. Your cancellation will be made effective 10 business days after the date your notice is received. Cancellation effective dates will not be back-dated.

Debbie Rios-Lombraña Accounts Director

Emma Jaramillo Senior Manager of Operations

Andie Connors-Pool Business Manager

Shana Chung Senior Program Director

Carley White Senior Program Director

Jay Mills Program Executive Director

April Walker Senior Director of Learning and Innovation

Sarah Rinner Associate Vice President, Out of School Time & Operations

For general questions please call 512-236-9622 or email

Live the EAC Y Experience

Voice and Choice

Students have daily opportunities to explore our unique learning centers based on their interests. Our centers include games and puzzles, building blocks and constructions, book library, science center, music center, homework area, and creative expression.

Club EAC Y is a program that provides upper elementary children the opportunity to choose clubs of interest on topics they care about. This program provides students with intriguing activities that enhance leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Book Nook

Mounting evidence suggests that afterschool programs can play a vital role in improving literacy outcomes for children.


1) A print rich environment that integrates curriculum projects with books and comprehension tools;

2) Incorporating a multicultural and leveled library into the program that speaks to the real interests of our children with cozy, attractive reading areas.

Physical Activity

This is where the importance of a socialized setting for time spent out of school becomes important. EAC YMCA allows children to:

  • Play with their peers in physical activities
  • Learn inclusion & conflict resolution while still being encouraged to try their best
  • Participate in organized outdoor activities, free play-ground time, relay games, sports, and yoga.

The time for play, with its benefits of social development, community, resilience and self-esteem, has never been more needed in our children’s lives, and afterschool care provides the landscape.

Social Emotional Learning

Extend-A-Care YMCA staff members include Social Emotional Learning as a piece of your child’s daily schedule.


  • Acknowledgement of self awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Responsible decision making
  • Relationship skills

Hands On Learning

Each week children experience over 20 enriching developmentally-appropriate curriculum projects that include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • STEM
  • Physical Exercise
  • Group Games and Activities

These projects are created by EAC YMCA’s curriculum specialists and are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and skills (TEKS).

Homework Time

EAC YMCA provides a 30-45 minute homework/reading time with a quiet environment which includes resources to utilize such as dictionaries, pencils, paper, and reference books.

Group leaders rotate amongst the group to ensure proper supervision of the entire group and assist students individually.

Building Relationships

EAC YMCA offers a program where children can engage with peers and establish meaningful friendships.

Our social emotional learning and mindfulness program assists in providing children with the ability to listen well, communicate clearly, cooperate and show kindness to others, and establish meaningful and healthy relationships.

Healthy Snack

EAC YMCA ensures children have access to a healthy, balanced snack each afternoon.

Snacks include a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and small amounts of added sugar and saturated fat. All USDA approved.

Flexible Seating Areas

Every child has a different preference for focusing on reading or homework. We provide casual seating options for kids to relax after the school day of 6 hours in a desk chair.

“I appreciate all the help I get from this after school program: helping the kids with homework and engaging educational activities. My son loves going to YMCA after school, and to see and know that he loves going back makes me happy. Thank you for providing us some parents like myself that need financial support in order to me to make ends meet. ”

– Blake Manor Elementary Parent