TRX Suspension Training

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Ages 12 and Up

Prepare for a unique training tool that allows you to use your own body weight and gravity as resistance. While simple in design, the TRX Suspension Trainer tool allows you to combine and recreate entire body movements and motions that functionally engage your core and other major muscle groups involved in specific movements.

TRX Suspension Training is great for those who want to develop lean muscle, build muscle or lose weight. It is the perfect workout for any fitness level because each participant can adjust the difficulty of each exercise.

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Text TRX is one of the best workouts available because it can be scaled up or down, adding or removing resistance to create a personalized challenge. Success is not always linear, and TRX allows for flexibility in your training routine while always offering a physical benefit. Work up a sweat and build muscle and endurance in this high-intensity, low-impact workout.

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“Injury prevented me from participating in a traditional weight training program. TRX allowed me to maintain my fitness level without risking further injury.”

– Anthony M.