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The YMCA is a leader in health & wellness, and we’re here to support your healthy habits. When you join the Greater Austin YMCA, you join a movement dedicated to improving individual and community wellbeing. You support efforts to bring enriching programs and events that drive positive change.

Discover what makes YMCA membership one of the best values in Austin. Each location offers a variety of programs designed for all ages. Plus, the Y offers TWO HOURS of childcare free each day while you workout.

Experience top-tier fitness support tailored just for you.

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  • Together, we are creating a more equitable, sustainable and thriving community in the greater Austin area.
  • Y members create meaningful connections that generate health & wellness. Our group exercise classes, yoga, cycling, personal training & more bring fitness to you, your way.
  • Your membership impacts you and your community by amplifying voices and leading change.
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We bring people from different backgrounds, perspectives and generations together with access to opportunities, relationships and resources to grow and thrive. Your membership powers this movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Y membership rates in Austin are generally as follows:

  • Adult rates are $69/month.An Adult Membership is defined as a membership for one person 27 years of age or older.
  • Young Adult Membership is $40/month. This membership is defined as someone 19-26 years of age.
  • Student Membership is $25/month (no joining fee). This membership is defined as someone 12-18 years of age.
  • One-Adult Household Membership is $85/month. This membership includes one adult and all children under 23 years in the same household.
  • Two-Adult Membership is $89/month.This membership type includes two adults of the same household.
  • Two-Adult Household Membership is $95/month. This membership is defined as two adults and all children under 23 years of age in the same household.
  • Extend-A-Care Family rate is $60/month. Only families enrolled in Extend-A-Care Y programs are eligible for this membership.
  • Joining Fee: A one-time join fee is applied to all Memberships. The join fee for Individual, Couple, One-Adult Family and Family Memberships is $49. The join fee for Young Adult Memberships is $15.
  • Senior Promotion: The one-time join fee is waived for members 65 years and older.
  • Important Note: We also offer reduced Membership for All rates for qualified applicants that are based on household income. Please contact the membership staff at your nearest YMCA of Austin branch to discuss details. As a nonprofit organization, we will not turn anyone away due to inability to pay program or membership fees.
Follow the instructions above, starting by selecting your membership level.
  • Click “Account” at top right-hand corner of website
  • Under “I want to sign in to my account,” enter e-mail address, enter password and click “Login”
  • The Membership For All program helps make YMCA membership and programs affordable for all through an income-based sliding fee scale. To get started:
  • You can join the Y online by choosing your income bracket or you can stop by any of our 8-area locations, and our Welcome Center team can verify your adjusted gross income with your most recent 1040 and sign you up for a membership.
  • If you join online, you will need to bring your most recent 1040 tax form to your home branch of the Y within 30 days of joining. (If you do not file, we will ask you to complete Form 4506-T or schedule an appointment with one of our financial assistance coordinators and provide another form of your household income). Failure to update your income verification information and bring your most recent tax documentation to the branch will result in your membership increasing to the standard Y membership rate.

We email survey our membership base through Listen360 daily. Additionally, you can send us comments or suggestions via our staff contact page or via our branch contact form located on the contact us page.

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