Adult Volleyball

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Ages 16 and Up

Our YMCA Adult Volleyball League is dedicated to giving adults an opportunity to participate in an organized team sport while having fun, meeting friends and getting fit. Our Adult Volleyball League is based on keeping winning in perspective with fair play and good sportsmanship.

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Team sports aren’t just for kids! Join our adult volleyball league and make new friends who celebrate wins with you on and off the court.

Play time is important for everyone, especially adults who often spend time working and resting. Adult sports leagues at the YMCA are a way to stay connected and explore ways of moving and cooperating that can improve your life. Enjoy the lasting benefits for mind, body and spirit when you join a league.

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“Adult volleyball is one of our most popular sports. Players can practice digging, blocking, setting, and hitting while participating in a division that suits their skill level”

– Jude Hickey, TownLake YMCA