Adult Sports

Coed pickleball players smile at one another between sets.


One of the fastest-growing sports in the nation, pickleball is a sensation at the YMCA. Pickup games happen at locations across the greater Austin area. Beginners are welcomed into this community of players who are passionate about the game.

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An adult basketball player navigates the court with the ball.

Adult Basketball

The adult basketball league at East Communities YMCA arose from the coordination between friends who met up weekdays during the pandemic for a pickup game. Now a full league, new players and teams are encouraged to join.

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Adult Volleyball

Did you know that Volleyball was invented at the Greater Holyoke YMCA in 1895? Our YMCA Adult Volleyball League is dedicated to giving adults an opportunity to participate in an organized team sport while having fun, making friends and getting fit. Our Adult Volleyball League is based on keeping winning in perspective with fair play and good sportsmanship.

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“You’re never too old to enjoy sports, whether you’re on the field or the court. The excitement of competition and physical challenge is a winning combination.”

– Andy Lemons, Hays Communities YMCA