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For Ages 16 and Up

Boxing at the YMCA of Austin is designed to prepare individuals to play positive roles in their community through self-discipline and character development. That goal is achieved through a program that focuses on growing strong bodies, disciplined minds and enhanced personal character.

Stay mentally agile and quick on your feet with boxing lessons at the Y. You’ll improve your response time and decision-making while getting your heart rate up and building your overall fitness. In the Y boxing ring, you’re guaranteed to win.

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Boxing and defense is the primary focus with mixed martial arts and Tae Kwon Do elements included to provide a varied training session to challenge and encourage participants.

Boxing class at the Y is a 12 round non-contact, high intensity workout that is open to all. In each class you will work on specific combinations, cardio agility drills and footwork that you will then execute with the coach at the end of class. We will sanitize boxing equipment between use. It’s a fun and exciting way to burn calories, get in shape, and learn basic boxing fundamentals. Boxers are considered some of the fittest athletes on the planet. Come see what it’s all about in a welcoming non-competitive environment. Students need to bring their own gloves and wraps.

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“When you’re boxing, you are so focused and in the moment that you don’t realize how incredibly hard you’re working. It’s such a rush and a great workout. There’s nothing like it.”

– Elena Hickey, TownLake YMCA