Gymnastics, Ninja Gym, & Cheerleading

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For Ages 18 months to 14 years

Youth Gymnastics teaches children gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength. The program is high energy fun with quality skill instruction. Classes are offered to children ages 18 months to 14 years.

All classes are taught in a fun, safe environment using progressive skill instruction on gymnastics equipment. Every class emphasizes balance, strength, coordination along with positive encouragement from our Y teaching staff.

Ninja Gym

Ninja Gym is based on obstacle course training methodology including: strength and conditioning drills, specialty skill development (flips, rolls, jumps and kicks) tumbling and martial arts skills. This program is specifically designed to build motor control, coordination, conditioning, proprioception, body awareness, spatial awareness, agility and physical strength. This Ninja class develops self-confidence, teamwork and discipline.


Cheerleading is a fun program for kids that love to cheer. Cheerleaders will learn motions, jumps, basic stunts, cheers & chants. They will build on their existing tumbling skills, learning round-offs, bridge kick overs and back handspring.

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“The sofa was our daughter’s trampoline and we knew we needed to get her into a tumbling class. She has had so much fun spending time upside down, and our sofa thanks us.”

– Jeffrey A.