Adult Dance

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For Ages 13 Through Adult

Classes are taught by highly-trained instructors in a fun, encouraging environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of dance, how to control their body movements and have a greater awareness of rhythms and music.

We offer dance classes for various ages and skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, young or old, you can learn and enjoy.

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Dancing can help you stay flexible and reduce stress AND it is just plain FUN! But did you know that dancing can also make you smarter? A 2003 study made by the New England Journal of Medicine reported the “growing evidence that stimulating one’s mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, much as physical exercise can keep the body fit.”

Participants can expect fun and challenging combinations in adult dance classes like ballet, hip hop, jazz, country line dancing and more. Ages 12-Adult. Comfortable dance/exercise wear and ballet shoes required.

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“When it comes to having fun on the dance floor or in the studio, you never outgrow it. Adult dance helps keep you fit and in touch with your playful inner child. ”

– Liz Kryznefski, Springs Family YMCA