Specialty Fitness

Ages 16 and Up

The YMCA is dedicated to promoting healthy living and helping everyone reach their potential. Join us for adult Specialty Fitness classes throughout the year to get the personalized focus and accountability you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Synchronized Swimming, Aqua Body, Women’s Hip Hop to name only a few of the adult specialty fitness options on rotation at the Y.

Fitness doesn’t have to fit into a small box of treadmills, weights, and aerobics class. There are so many ways to stay active and healthy, and the Y offers a range of classes that keep the activity fun, light-hearted, and challenging.

Additional Information

Overcome barriers to wellness when you take part in a specialty fitness class. You’ll get connected to others in your community and engage in fun, safe, and challenging activities that keep you healthy mentally and physically. You’ll have so much fun focusing on movement and activity, you might even forget you’re challenging your body in a new way!

“I met a great group of ladies in my Aqua Body class. We get together after class for coffee, and we laugh together about the fun we have in this challenging class.”

– Stacy K.