Youth Sports Skills Clinic

Ages 4 to 15

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Our Youth Sports Clinics prepare kids to play at the league level. Y-trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. In Youth Sports Clinics, participants improve skills, make new friends and have fun.

Because the groups are smaller, kids get more individual focus and receive personalized skill development in clinic programs. Whether your child is working to improve agility, reaction time, dominant vs. non-dominant sides of the body, aim, or another sports skill, Youth Sports Clinics will deliver results.

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In sports skills clinics, kids can learn valuable lessons about hard work and responsibility as well as aspects of fitness and overall health. This helps children to succeed both on and off the court. Problem-solving and self-confidence will follow your child into the classroom and in other areas of life. The smaller group size allows for more personalized attention. Your child can develop a performance plan to improve their skills in their favorite sport.

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“Soccer skills clinic coach was AMAZING!!! A real professional, very skilled and very patient with the kids. We will likely take this class again.”

– Natalie D.