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About YMCA Camp Moody 

Our vision for YMCA Camp Moody is simple: to create an accessible and sustainable oasis, in the midst of urbanization. With a model that combines day, overnight and family camping with group retreat and meeting facilities, we will create a sustainable operation that will yield benefits for generations to come. 

Community Need

In the last two decades, childhood has moved indoors. The average American child spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day, and more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen. It’s a national trend: We are raising a generation of children who are less and less likely to have natural experiences of any kind. This disconnection with nature has far-reaching health consequences for both our inactive next generation and our planet. 

YMCA Camp Moody will introduce thousands of Central Texas children and their families to outdoor adventure, activity and learning on 85 pristine and wild acres only 15 miles from town. Our goal is to foster curiosity, nurture the love of the outdoors, and share its natural wonders with everyone. 

Access For All


Of any comparable camp within 100 miles of Austin, YMCA Camp Moody will offer the lowest average cost per week for day and overnight use for all groups. If the cost is still prohibitive to some, we will offer discounts and financial assistance through funds raised from our annual giving campaigns.

Give to Camp Moody

In Central Texas, there is a shortage of nearby, affordable facilities positioned and equipped to provide environmental education and outdoor experiences for children, families and special groups. The closest comparable facility is more than twice the distance from Central Austin. YMCA Camp Moody will be a nearby alternative for families, businesses, nonprofits and other groups that may want to gather and ‘retreat’ from the city.


YMCA Camp Moody envisions serving individuals (children and adults) with special needs. There are very few camp opportunities for special need populations, and the demand is high for facilities and programming that offer a quality camp/retreat experience.

Pave the Way to Discovery

Sponsor a walkway brick on the Discovery Trail at Camp Moody for $500 (one-time or payable over 5 years). You can honor your children or grandchildren, commemorate a loved one, remember a special friend or pet, promote your business or mark a special event in your life. These bricks will help build the beautiful entry pathway through central camp, leading to the activity pavilions, fire ring and tree house village. 

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Naming Opportunities

If you would like your gift to be recognized with the naming of an item or building at Camp Moody, please email the Development team at development@www.austinymca.org.

Founding Supporters

Thank you to the lead supporters of YMCA Camp Moody! 

Mountain Climbers
Wildlife Watchers