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Adaptive Swim is a community-based aquatics program for persons with a variety of abilities and needs. Adaptive Swim helps create opportunities to learn and build self-confidence in the water by giving participants the attention, energy and encouragement they need to succeed. Adaptive Swim focuses on fun, fitness and independence in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

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Being in the water can have many benefits. The buoyancy and low impact of water exercise helps develop muscle tone and build neural pathways. Our Adaptive Swim is a private swim lesson which creates a lesson that is geared to meet the needs of the individual while advancing their swim skills.

Many swimmers find our adaptive swim to be soothing. Water can dampen sensory overload and provide swimmers with a feeling of weightlessness. In adaptive swim, participants may notice improved balance and range of motion, which can boost confidence.

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“My child has additional needs that can’t be met in a traditional swim program. I’m so glad that the YMCA offers adaptive swim so she can have all the confidence as she learns, just like her older brothers do!”

– Teresa S.