A female senior member in a white shirt and glasses laughs while jogging in place during a Senior Fitness class. Another senior member and a mirror are blurred in the background of the photograph. 

Senior Fitness

At the YMCA we’ve made the health and fitness of our active older adults a top priority by providing programs for the spirit, mind and body. Through group exercise classes and aquatic programs that concentrate on mobility and flexibility, dance classes, social events and volunteer activities, the YMCA is bringing seniors together for camaraderie, fellowship and fun. 

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An adult female member in a gray shirt adjusts the grip of a vertical pulling weight machine before working out on it. Weight room equipment is blurred out in the background of the photograph.

Fitness Orientations

All Y members have access to a complimentary fitness orientation. Take a tour of our facilities, learn how to use each of our machines, and get started on a custom path to success through a fitness orientation.

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An adult male member in a black shirt and pink headband squats and pulls on battle ropes during a bootcamp class. Water bottles and plants are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Specialty Fitness

When you’re ready to take your fitness regimen to the next level, check out our specialty fitness classes. Designed to help athletes hone their skills, specialty fitness classes focus on triathlon training, circuit training, sprints, and masters swim.

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An adult female member in a purple shirt and smiles as she operates a weight machine. Exercise equipment and the wall of the weight room are blurred out in the background of the photograph. 

Women’s Fitness

Feel confident in a training program just for women. Gain familiarity with strength and cardio equipment and learn the ways these machines can benefit your overall health. This class is a safe space to ask questions and deepen your knowledge of physical fitness.

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A male teen member in a blue shirt does lunges squats on a rack while an adult male trainer in a blue shirt watches him from behind. The walls of the weight room are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Teen Fitness Orientation

Teens can use the weight room and cardio equipment after they have completed a teen fitness orientation and exam. This orientation helps teens to understand important safety information as well as how to stay within the limits of their physical abilities.

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An adult female member in a sleeveless green shirt leans back into a position using a TRX suspension band. A wooden shelf and the walls of the room she is in are blurred out in the background of the photograph

TRX Suspension Training

Prepare for a unique training tool that allows you to use your own body weight and gravity as resistance. While simple in design, the TRX Suspension Trainer tool allows you to combine and recreate entire body movements and motions that functionally engage your core and other major muscle groups involved in specific movements.

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An adult female member in a yellow sports bra laughs as she passes a kettlebell to another adult female member in a black sports bra during a bootcamp class. A parking lot with cars is blurred in the background of the photograph.


Try our Bootcamps for a fun, non-traditional way to get in shape and challenge yourself. Open to all fitness levels from beginner through advanced. Participants can reach their personal best through instruction by expert staff and innovative techniques.

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A male adult personal trainer in a sleeveless blue Y shirt and clipboard in his hand, speaks with an adult male member while standing together in the weight room. Other adult members working out, exercise equipment, and the walls of the weight room are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Personal Training

Our nationally certified personal trainers are here to help you reach your goals, large and small. Your body deserves a unique fitness plan, tailored just for you. Meet one-on-one with a certified personal trainer for a free consultation. During this consultation, you will learn more about the personal training program options available to you, based on your goals and needs.

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A man in a gray shirt with black headphones on his ears jogs on a trail. Trees are blurred in the background of the photograph

RunWalk Training

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Do you want to participate in a 5K or 10K walk or run, but you’re not sure how to take that first step? The Y is here for you! Finishing a 5K or 10K for the first time or after a long hiatus can seem like a daunting task. That is where our YMCA of Austin’s Zero-to-10K Training Program can help. This program helps you prepare for race day in a knowledgeable and encouraging environment with others who are at a similar level of fitness as you.

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Four female members wearing blue, white, purple, and pink sleeveless shirts and one male member wearing a gray shirt grab onto a dance bar while holding a ballet pose. Their reflection in the mirror beside them is blurred in the background of the photograph. 

Adult Dance

Get your heart pumping and your feet jumping in adult dance classes at the Y. You can meet new friends who share your interests while engaging in activities that challenge your mind-body coordination. Healthy and fun, combined!

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“My workout plan was tailored just for me and my needs. My coach gave me dedicated guidance on hydration, technique and form, as well as helping me overcome mental barriers. I’m so glad I took the class!”

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