Community Programs

A young adult boy and young adult girl in whites shirts and rubber gloves practice CPR together on a training manikin. The white floor and window curtains of the room they are in are blurred in the background of the photograph

CPR First Aid Community

We can never predict when or where an emergency might occur. CPR and First Aid certification is a simple step that can help protect you and your family. These courses teach students critical skills needed to respond in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a course completion card valid for 2 years. 

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An adult female in a striped shirt kisses the forehead of a smiling little boy in navy blue shirt, who she is holding in her arms. A little girl in a sleeveless white shirt is hanging onto the back of the woman with her arms wrapped around her shoulders for support. Trees are blurred in the background of the photograph. 

Five Days

The Five Days of Action is a week designed to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse. We encourage adults and organizations in the community to play a vital role in making Austin a safer place for children. When adults know how abuse happens, see the warning signs and respond quickly, we can prevent child sexual abuse. 

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A senior man in a striped blue shirt smiles while seated at a table with other seniors. There is a senior woman to his right in a green shirt and a senior man in front of him in a white shirt. A white wall and window are blurred in the background of the photograph.

Friday Social

The Friday Social is a weekly community gathering at the Townlake YMCA that promotes connection, reduces social isolation, and encourages holistic well-being. Activities include gentle stretching, chair yoga and exercise, storytelling, crafts, health-based presentations, music, games and more. People experiencing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or MS are especially welcome as are survivors of cancer or stroke. The Friday Social seeks to spark connection across conditions and generations while giving anyone and everyone a safe place to play. Fridays 10am-2pm in the AMP Studio at the Townlake YMCA.

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A female member in a black long sleeved shirt and sunglasses smiles as she looks down at a garden plot in front of her. A pink tomato cage is blurred in the foreground of the photograph and a tree and skyline are blurred in the background of the photograph. 


The mission of building gardens into our branches is to educate and involve the community in learning about growth in nature, and to promote healthy and active lifestyles through reconnecting individuals to the food they eat and grow. Get connected to your community garden at one of these Y locations: East Communities Y; Hays Communities Y; North Austin Y; TownLake Y. 

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Two women sit facing one another. One woman is holding a clipboard and a pen.

Everline Counseling

The Greater Austin YMCA is here to create equitable access FOR ALL through programs designed to elevate both individual and community health & well-being. That’s why we’re powering positive change in Central Texas by elevating quality of life through accessible, affordable counseling services. Introducing Everline Counseling.

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“I feel prepared for an emergency after taking the CPR and first aid course through the YMCA. This important skill can be lifesaving, and I’m glad to be equipped with the knowledge I need to help others.”

Christine M.