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Personal Training

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Goals are always attainable.

Yes, you read that right. At the YMCA, we believe that everyone can reach their goals. Sure, it might take a couple months or even a couple years, but no matter how long it takes, we will be on your side through it all. We are always advocating for you, and we want to help you with the journey toward reaching your goal. But we also want to help you advocate for yourself. This is where our training program comes into action. We want to be your biggest cheerleader and your constant guide.

Training is for everyone.  Training is for everyone that has ever had a dream. Yes, that’s a broad statement, but we are here to serve a broad population, and that starts with you. We mean it - you actually get to define what training looks like for you. We want you to have the power and flexibility to say, “Here is what I need.” To that, we will say, “Let’s do it!”

Training doesn't have to be a solo effort. We know that motivation sometimes comes with groups. You can surround yourself with others who are on a similar path to help keep you going. If you prefer, you can be a part of an incredible group experience by taking part in group training. Training starts with you, but it becomes something much bigger along the way.

So yes, goals are always attainable. And we are determined to help you meet yours.

  • Small group training: Work with a small group of new or old friends that shares your goals.
  • Partner training: Develop a stronger relationship with a family member, friend, or another Y member while you work towards your goals together.
  • Personal training: Work with your trainer in a traditional one-on-one setting.

Let us help you discover if a training program is the next step toward your goal. We offer free consultations for all members. Together, with one of our trainers, you’ll work on developing a program that you – and your goals – can say “yes!” to.

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