Moving Stronger

Moving Stronger is a 12-week, research-based physical activity and support program for those with multiple sclerosis (MS). Program includes elements of adaptive water exercise, yoga and circuit training.

Moving Stronger is a FREE program for all with MS and includes a three-month YMCA of Austin membership.

Program Benefits

  • Specially trained instructors
  • Ease your physical symptoms
  • Improve your mobility and energy levels through yoga, strength and balance training, water exercises, stretching, and friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Stronger

Water has many unique qualities that provide benefits to those with MS or anyone needing gentler exercise, including buoyancy, passive resistance, temperature control, and compression. Using body weight, hand held weights, pool noodles, and water support platforms, anyone can receive an effective and beneficial workout without over-stressing the body. Balance, flexibility, muscle strength and more will be improved.

The main focus of Yoga is the mind-body relationship, and it gives you a dynamic awareness of yourself both with and without muscular action. This class takes the principles of Yoga and adapts them in therapeutic ways to help bring physical and psychological healing to participants with the use of chairs and other techniques.

Strength training movements with body weight or additional weights has been proven to improve motor functions and activities of daily living, as well as reduce some of the symptoms of MS.

  • Improves overall muscle strength, flexibility, stability, balance and coordination
  • Increases internal/core, abdominal, and back strength
  • Improves joint mobility; helps with aches and pains
  • Improves posture and alignment, and stress levels
  • Increases body awareness; movements become controlled and responsive

The class will be held regardless of number of participants, but the class time may change in the next month if there is low participation.

Yes, definitely. Please use our website or visit the Welcome Desk at the YMCA to register.

The schedule of class times may change based on participation, but always with notice before the beginning of the next 12-week session. Classes run Monday and Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30pm.

Yes, you will be signing up to complete the program from start to finish.

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1100 W Cesar Chavez St

Austin, TX 78701

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