Inspire Learning with After-School Programs

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From improving social skills to creating a sense of belonging, there are many benefits of  after-school programs. Here at Country Home Learning Center, we offer a variety of after-school programs in San Antonio and Austin, such as Arts and Crafts Center, Theater Arts Center, Computer Lab, and the Giant Adventure Jungle Indoor Playground. Here’s how after-school programs inspire learning. 


Afterschool programs can create a sense of belonging with others. Perhaps your child wouldn’t typically interact with another child, but when brought together in a common interest, a new friendship is born. Plus, getting away from the typical school setting can provide a break from cliques or social concerns that may be the norm during the standard school day. 

Improve Social Skills 

After-school programs promote cooperation, respect, and support, helping kids feel more secure about starting a conversation or joining a game. 


Academic Support 

Many after-school programs offer homework help, which may be a lifeline for kids who struggle with work at home. Getting their homework done in a supportive environment right after school frees them up for a more pleasant and less stressful evening at home. 

Make Learning Fun 

Many afterschool programs offer classes in areas such as computers or the sciences, which don’t center around academics and testing but on having fun with interesting subjects instead.  This gives kids a fun and meaningful platform on which to build skills they enjoy. 

Safety and Supervision 

The time between the end of the school day and dinner time can be a tricky time for kids. With more time on their hands, they may do things they shouldn’t or get into trouble, especially if they are latchkey kids. Keeping them busy with after-school programs can reduce the likelihood of questionable behavior because it gives them something positive to focus on. 

Builds Confidence 

For children who lack self-esteem or have learning challenges, after-school programs offer a low-stress, more forgiving atmosphere where kids may feel they can take more positive risks without judgement. This can lead to a boost in confidence. 

Learn About After-School Programs With Country Home Learning Center 

Country Home Learning Center is proud to offer many after-school programs, including the Soda Shop (afternoon snacks and cooking projects), the Arts and Crafts Center (creative arts), the Theater Arts Center (plays, music, and movies), the Computer Lab (play and education), the Giant Adventure Jungle Indoor Playground (indoor physical play), and the outdoor playground and Waterpark. 

Bonus: After School transportation is provided to and from nearby public schools. Contact us today to learn more. 

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