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Summer Bucket List for Austin, TX Families

May 10, 2023|Categories: Blog, Community & Culture|

Have you ever made a family bucket list? Making a bucket list and checking off items on it is a special way to create new family memories. And the best part is that you can put whatever you want on your family’s bucket list! With summer quickly approaching, take an evening to come up with your family’s unique bucket list for this summer. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Eat Somewhere New

Try a new Austin restaurant together as a family! Or pack a picnic and eat it in a local park together one summer evening. Here are some family-friendly

Summer STEM mini-camps

May 2, 2023|Categories: Community & Culture, Youth Development|Tags: , , |

Join us at the Y for a week of brain-bending fun, perfect for ages 5-12. Each week will bring a STEM theme to life through art projects, science experiments, games and creative play. We’ll be inside and outside each day, depending on weather, and kids can bring a nut free snack and water bottle.

Game Designers

What makes a good game? Dig into some classic games to discover what elements come together to make fun happen. Working in teams or individually, you’ll learn from the master game designers and create your very own board game masterpiece!
When: June 5

Texas National Parks: Big Bend

February 28, 2023|Categories: Community & Culture|

Nothing is a more iconic Texas landmark than Big Bend National Park. Although summer months in the West Texas desert bring scorching temperatures, October-April weather provides an excellent time for Texas families to get outside. Big Bend lives up to its name with 1,252 square miles of wide open spaces. In all this land are many different elements: from canyons, rivers, and dessert, to mountains, forests, and rock formations, this vast corner of our state is one you won’t want to miss out on. While Big Bend has many different trails, we’ve compiled our favorite family-friendly trails for the next

Practical Family Goals for the New Year

January 2, 2023|Categories: Community & Culture|

New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok! While traditional resolutions can get a bad rap for being too extreme or unrealistic to actually maintain, there are plenty of practical goals that families can pursue as we dive into a brand new year. Family goals are a great way to get excited about something as an entire family unit, work together to accomplish said goal, and grow in various areas of life!

You might already have some ideas of family goals you’d like to work toward this year. If you don’t, we came

YMCA of Austin Shares Joy and Togetherness with Nourishing Neighbors Grant

December 20, 2022|Categories: Community & Culture|

The YMCA of Austin received a grant during the pandemic from the Albertson’s family to provide food assistance to families in need, part of their Nourishing Neighbors program. As we are nearing the close of the grant, we will use the remaining funding to create spaces of celebration, joy, togetherness and hope over the month of December.

In this spirit, we are providing Randall’s gift cards to our central Austin low-income families at our EAC Y afterschool programs and preschools as well as gift cards and goody bags for our early learning readiness

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

December 6, 2022|Categories: Community & Culture, Family|

Stockings are a fun holiday tradition. Typically filled with knick knacks, candy, and even fruit, the simplicity of stockings doesn’t take away from the excitement of unpacking them. If you’re looking for some new ideas regarding items to put in your children’s stockings this year, look no further. This comprehensive list of stocking stuffers covers it all, from fruit to gift cards and everything in between.

The Legend of Stockings 

The legend of stockings features Saint Nicholas. The story goes that Nicholas overheard a widowed father saying that he couldn’t afford to pay his three daughters’

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