U.S. Soccer Foundation & YMCA Coalition

Published On: June 16, 2023Categories: Blog

The U.S. Soccer Foundation has partnered with 16 YMCAs across the United States, including those in the 11 U.S. World Cup Host Cities, to launch a joint campaign named “The Road to 2026: Making an Impact in Local Communities.” The goal of the campaign is to increase access to soccer and promote its health and wellness benefits to at least 1 million youths before the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America. The collaboration will see Ys offering the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success after-school program and Just Ball League as well as the installation of mini-pitches to expand safe places for youths to play soccer across the country.

YMCAs Collaborating with U.S. Soccer Foundation

Greater Austin YMCA

Greater Philadelphia YMCA

Hockomock Area YMCA

YMCA of Greater Boston

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

YMCA of Greater Houston

YMCA of Greater Kansas City

YMCA of Greater New York

YMCA of Greater Seattle

YMCA of Metro Atlanta

YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

YMCA of the North

YMCA of San Diego County

YMCA of San Francisco

YMCA Silicon Valley

According to data, Soccer for Success has improved health outcomes and social and emotional well-being, with 88% of participants working better on a team, 86% staying away from anti-social behavior, and 83% experiencing improved health outcomes. Meanwhile, the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Just Ball League uses mini-pitches and other community hubs to create opportunities for league play at the neighborhood level and remove barriers, such as transportation and cost, that often prohibit children in underserved communities from playing the game. Mini-pitches offer various community benefits, including increased playing spaces and safety, with 99% of those living in communities with mini-pitches saying that people in their community are more active after their installation.

Participating Ys, which have been providing access and opportunities for all to learn, grow, and thrive for over 170 years, have a shared mission with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to improve health outcomes for all youth, especially those in underserved communities who need them the most.

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