What’s Happening at Townlake Y in July 2024

Published On: July 3, 2024Categories: Blog

Women with Weights

Unleash your strength in our Women With Weights small group class. Discover the transformative benefits of barbell-centric workouts, as you learn proper techniques in a supportive environment. We understand that stepping into the weightlifting area of the gym can be intimidating, which is why our program is tailored specifically to empower women to feel confident and capable in this traditionally male-dominated space.

A woman smiles while flexing a barbell using a bicep machine.
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Teen Strength & Conditioning

Empower your teen with our Strength and Conditioning Program, designed to enhance physical fitness, build strength, improve agility, and promote overall well-being. Tailored exercises and expert guidance ensure safe and effective training, fostering confidence and resilience in young athletes. Led by former collegiate football athlete and first year physical therapy student, Ovie is driven to deliver a training program to improve their athletic performance. 

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