Today’s Adventures, Tomorrow’s Stories!

Published On: February 14, 2024Categories: Blog

As summer approaches, parents, guardians and children are beginning to anticipate the adventures ahead. It’s a time filled with the promise of new experiences, friendships, and stories waiting to be written. At the Greater Austin YMCA, we understand the importance of curating timeless summer experiences that lounge in our memories long after the season fades.

As the days grow longer and the sun seemingly shines brighter, we welcome our favorite time of year: summer camp season! Laughter and connection will forge lifelong friendships, and stories will be etched into childhood memories. Because of this, families have trusted us with the special task of creating moments that stand the test of time for generations.

If the guarantee of nostalgic summer memories isn’t enough, keep reading to discover why the YMCA should be your ultimate destination for summer whimsy.

New Experiences

  • Campers embark on a journey of discovery, where each day brings new experiences and exciting challenges, from scaling rock walls or exploring nature trails at Camp Moody to science experiments and pool days with our themed and explorer camp. They’ll dive into a world of adventure, uncovering hidden talents and passions along the way.

Fostering Freedom

  • Summer camp at the Y can be a gateway to independence, where children learn to navigate the world on their own terms. Through hands-on activities and guided exploration, campers develop confidence in their abilities, make decisions and chart their own course with the support of our dedicated counselors and staff.

Social Skills Development

  • Camp isn’t just about adventure. It’s about the opportunity to connect and grow. Through shared experiences and collaborative activities, children build bonds beyond camp while learning vital social skills such as communication, empathy and teamwork that will serve them well beyond their camp days.

Safe Summer Alternative

  • In the heart of summer, we aim to be a beacon of safety and learning for kids across our community. Amidst the backdrop of fun-filled adventures, children engage in educational activities stimulating their minds and bodies, ensuring that every moment is a stepping stone towards growth and discovery in a secure environment.

Simply Put, It’s Fun!

  • As much as we want to involve our kids in opportunities that will help them grow and flourish, there is nothing more special than watching them have fun while doing so. Their laughs will echo while their smiles shine brighter than campfires. The outdoor excursions and creative arts and crafts will be the stuff summer memories are made of!


$0 Registration Fee*

  • Summer Day Camp registration is open now, and for a limited time, we are waiving registration fees!

Financial Assistance Available

  • Greater Austin YMCA is for ALL. Contact us for more information on financial assistance.
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