Greater Austin YMCA Welcomed Guests from Ukraine

Published On: July 28, 2023Categories: Blog

The Greater Austin YMCA and KMFA had the honor of hosting a memorable event, held at the beautiful KMFA Draylen Mason Music Studio, showcasing our support for the Lviv, Ukraine YMCA and the entire Ukrainian community.

The house was packed with YMCA members and guests who welcomed our visitors from Ukraine with warmth and care. Attendees were treated to a powerful performance by singer Sofia Leshyshak of Terra Incognita, a world-renowned choir from Ukraine.

The event was a testament to the perseverance, strength and hope of the Ukrainian people. Special guests included:

  • Oleksandra “Lesya” Sorokoput (CEO, Lviv YMCA, Ukraine)
  • Sofia Leshyshak (Ukrianian vocalist, actor)
  • Sergei Piliavets (Multimedia producer)
  • Maria Kisil (Lviv YMCA)
  • Mary Tikalski (YMCA of the USA) and
  • Anjum Malik (Executive Director, Global Impact Initiative)

By sharing their stories, talents and perspectives, they are inspiring action within each of us.

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