Four Points Y Designing Together: Spotlight on Process Curiosity

Published On: August 1, 2023Categories: Blog

Exciting things are happening here at the Y! Get ready as we prepare to share our latest plans and future developments. We recently unveiled plans to open a brand-new center located in the Trails at 620 shopping center to serve the Four Points community and surrounding areas in West Austin. Unparalleled in its state-of-the-art design, this facility will redefine what you’ve come to expect from the Greater Austin YMCA. Stay tuned as we share all the amazing news and updates throughout this incredible journey! 

 In our pursuit to continuously elevate the YMCA’s impact, we’re collaborating with the fun and ingenious minds at Process Curiosity, a creative design and fabrication firm based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their impressive portfolio is packed with innovative work within interactive spaces and museums, but this is the first time they’re joining forces with a YMCA facility. We are delighted to share that they will be transforming not only the Northwest Family YMCA’s Kids Play area but also the “Kid Zone” at our upcoming Four Points location. Following their mission to Listen, Wonder, and Create, the Process Curiosity team is already hard at work, weaving their magic to bring our wildest visions for these spaces to life. 

Guided by the Senior Executive Director of Northwest Family Y and the Four Points location, Adrienne Barnett, the aim is to create a WOW factor that surpasses your expectations of the Y. Northwest’s redesign, opening November 2023, will serve as the pilot, with Four Points following suit with an even larger 5,000 square foot indoor and outdoor space. Our ultimate goal is to redesign the child watch experience at all our Greater Austin Y Centers, through a process involving user mapping and community analysis. 

Blake Wigdahl, the Design Anthropologist and CEO of Creative Curiosity, shared his insights on their mission, which revolves around listening intently, nurturing curiosity, and ultimately producing groundbreaking creations. They firmly believe in understanding and incorporating the community in their projects. And that’s exactly what has made their experience with the Greater Austin YMCA truly remarkable – when asked what his favorite thing about has been working with the Greater Austin YMCA, Wigdahl revealed it has been the people and the community. 

Northwest childwatch digital rendering

Northwest Family YMCA Childwatch Digital Rendering

To learn more about Process Curiosity and the work they do, click here. As we embark on this journey, we promise to keep you updated with more exciting news and progress along the way! 

Child watch hours by location: 

Town Lake YMCA
East Communities YMCA
North Austin YMCA 
Northwest Family YMCA   
Southwest Family YMCA
Springs Family YMCA 
Hays Communities YMCA 
Child watch not available at Camp Moody 

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