Resources on Anti-Racism


Today, we face unprecedented circumstances that have challenged us to pause, reflect, and address racial equity. We oppose racism - of any kind - and stand in solidarity with black communities and others who have been historically and continue to be under-represented and whose access to democracy has not been equal. Diversity and Inclusion are very much a core tenet of the YMCA.

We are committed to working collectively with our members, staff, and partners. Part of making change happen is participating in thought-provoking dialogue. As a leading non-profit in our community, we encourage all to continue to research, learn, listen, and challenge yourself to be an advocate of anti-racism work.

As you explore online, we ask you to remember: 

  • Look at websites ending in .org or .edu (versus .com).
  • Vet news stories from two or more news outlets before sharing.
  • Vet facts from two or more websites (independent before sharing).
  • Be mindful of amplifying social media messages (Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc) without first vetting sources and looking into who initially shared the information/story.

Not sure where to start in your research? The following resources below are a good start:

Local Organizations: 


Videos to Watch: 

Podcasts to Subscribe to: 

Books to Read: 

Resources for Kids: 

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