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A child wearing a martial arts uniform performs a kick. Her instructor is holding a red foam board.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts training helps improve strength, balance and endurance. Practicing self-defense techniques helps children build their confidence while sharpening their focus. Your child will gain confidence that they can carry in all aspects of life.

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A woman demonstrates a boxing pose to a child.


Prepare your youngster to play a positive role in their community through self-discipline and character development. Boxing lessons facilitate gains in agility, speed, balance and coordination in lessons of self-control and self-defense.

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Children in a youth ballet class.

Youth Dance

With a range of youth dance classes to choose from, like hip-hop and ballet to jazz and tap, your dancer can develop their creativity and artistic expression through dance classes at the Y. Explore many dance genres and find your favorite!

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Children sit at a table with many colorful arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts

Our Youth Art and Crafts programs empower, educate and maximize the potential of emerging youth artists. Our classes are led by experienced instructors who create a stimulating atmosphere with lively activities, discussion and insightful feedback. 

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Two children sit on a floor operating a robot they have built.

STEM Education

Focused youth activities help students reach their full potential by supporting their unique youth development journeys. In our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education programs youth are engaged in year-round STEM activities that nurture their curiosity, inspire creativity and teach them how to succeed.

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Kids in a classroom with a teacher hold a variety of musical instruments. A joyful child bangs the drums.

Music Programs

Introduce your child to the power and influence of music through our immersive Music Education programs. In addition to discovering rhythm and unique, new sounds, kids are encouraged to get moving to the music with our movement classes. 

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Two children wearing colorful costumes gesture on a stage as if in a performance.

Youth Theater Programs

Our local youth programs around cultural and theater arts education not only enriches a child’s mind, but also helps them develop confidence and character. We offer a variety of programs for children of all ages. 

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Teens sit around a large cheese pizza, each smiling and taking a slice.

Teen Nights

In these regular programs for teens, they have a chance to take the night off from the parents and have fun. Teen nights always come with pizza, and sometimes a movie or video games and lots of activities.  

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A teen sits in the judge's bench of a federal courthouse weighing the merits of a case.

Youth & Government

YMCA Youth and Government is a national YMCA program, active in approximately 40 states. In this educational program for teens, students will leadership and negotiation skills.  

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A girl stands atop a tumbling cushion in a gymnastics arena.

Gymnastics & Cheer

Flip for gymnastics and cheer programs at the Y! Lessons help young tumblers and cheer enthusiasts build balance skills, spatial reasoning, stage presence and more.

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small children on yoga mats bend to touch the floor

Ninja Gym

Sneak, tumble, block and attack in this engaging ninja gym program. Little children learn important lessons in stealth and motion while having tons of fun.

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Two children swim under blue water towards the camera smiling.

Youth Swim

Swimming is a year-round skill that lasts a lifetime. Impart the lesson of water to safety and introduce your children to stroke and form.

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Children perform a dance in a hiphop style

“It has been fantastic to see my daughter gain skills in her hip-hop dance class. I’m so impressed with her newfound rhythm.”

Melissa V.