Water Safety Matters

You have the potential to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT when you support swim & water safety today. Infineon Technologies has generously donated $10,000 as a matching gift devoted to our swim safety lessons for kids! 


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For over 150 years, the Y has been a national leader in water safety instruction teaching millions how to swim and be safe around water. Last year, 76 children fatally drown in our communities with most of them being in their own backyard. These deaths are 100% preventable and the Y is stepping up to ensure that every child can learn lifesaving skills to inspire greater confidence around water.

We believe that everyone should have access to programs that develop lifesaving skills. Increasing numbers of marginalized communities continue to be disproportionately affected by lack of access to programs such as Project SAFE provided by the Y. The Y is tackling these problems right now by addressing inequity and providing financial assistance to increase access for all.

We invite you to invest in the Y today so that we can continue to provide access to children across our community. Whether it is our FREE swim program, Project SAFE, or financial assistance for swim lessons, we need your support to expand access for thousands living in the Greater Austin area. Teaching children how to swim is not a luxury – it is a necessity.