Youth Sports Volunteer Training

We believe that a Youth Sports program is only as strong as its coaches and that is why we want you to have all the tools you need for your season. Below you will find manuals that include multiple practice plans including drills, team circles and fitness components.

All volunteer applicants applying for YMCA of Austin volunteer positions must fill out the below application and background check authorization form.

  1. Fill Out Volunteer Interest Form¬†and Volunteer Application
  2. Complete Background Check Authorization Form
  3. Complete Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training
  4. Complete¬†Coaching YMCA Youth Sports

YMCA Sports are dependent upon volunteers to act as role models within their coaching position. It is your duty as a YMCA Coach to uphold YMCA character values in your interactions with families, players, fellow coaches, school staff and others. As a YMCA Coach, in order to protect both yourself and the YMCA you must agree to the following:

  • At no time during the YMCA program may a coach be alone with a single child where he/she cannot be observed by others.
  • Coaches shall not leave a child unsupervised and shall not leave a practice/game site with children unaccounted for. Coaches need also to be aware of who is responsible for picking up children.
  • Coaches shall not abuse children including but not limited to:
  • Physical Abuse: Strike, Shake, Withhold Water, Exercise as Punishment Sexual Abuse: Inappropriate Touch or Speech
  • Mental Abuse: Withhold Kindness, Be Cruel, Neglect Verbal Abuse: Humiliate, Degrade, Threaten, Tease
  • Coaches will monitor children at practice and games for possible signs of abuse. Indicators need to be passed on to YMCA Sports Coordinator for further investigation and follow-up.
  • Coaches must use positive techniques of guidance including redirection, positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than competition, comparison and criticism.
  • Coaches must treat children equally and with respect and consideration regardless of ability, sex, race, religion or culture.
  • Coaches will refrain from intimate displays of affection toward others in the presence of their teams and parents.
  • Coaches must present themselves in a clean, neat manner and must wear appropriate, Y-approved attire.
  • Smoking; use of tobacco; consumption of alcohol; use of illegal drugs; misuse of prescription drugs during practices, games and in the presence of children is strictly prohibited.
  • The rules of the game will be regarded as mutual agreements, the spirit of which shall be respected and unbroken. Coaches shall not attempt to undermine the rules or engage in behavior meant to circumvent rules.
  • Coaches must portray a positive role model for youth by maintaining an attitude of respect, loyalty, commitment, courtesy, tact and maturity.
  • Coaches will accept the decision of an official as being fair. Should a concern arise coaches will refrain from making derogatory comments and will respectfully discuss with the official. Any unresolved issue will not be handled at the game and the coach will contact YMCA Sports Coordinator for follow-up.
  • Abuse of referees, families, volunteers and other coaches will not be tolerated; All coaches must act with respect toward others. Coaches will not make negative or demeaning comments toward any individual.
  • Coaches will relay any problems, questions, comments in regard to officials, rules, parents/player issues, schools to YMCA Sports Coordinator in a timely manner.
  • Coaches must remember: While winning is desirable, it is not the most important outcome. Role model and teach your players to respect opponents and win / lose with honor.
  • I understand that youth development is the primary focus of YMCA Sports and should I violate the code of conduct or act outside the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility I may be removed from my volunteer position and/or may be prohibited from attending YMCA Sports.