Youth Baseball

Youth Baseball formats include t-ball, coach-pitch and player-pitch. The focus of our leagues is to have fun, meet new friends and play in a non-competitive environment.

YMCA youth sports encourage and promote healthy kids, families and communities by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition rather than rivalry, the value of participation over winning, team-building as well as individual development, a positive self-image and a sense of fair play and mutual respect for others. Parents are encouraged to be more than mere spectators, by contributing their time as volunteer coaches - as well as being their kid’s greatest fan.

FOCUS: Participation and fun! Basic skills of the game are developed through games and activities. Every child is required to play at least one half of every game. Sportsmanship and values are key components of this league. Every game starts with a Youth Sports Pledge and ends with a non-touch handshake. Every child receives an award at the end of the season!


Parents are encouraged to be more than mere spectators. In fact, parents are crucial to a successful sports season by contributing their time as volunteer coaches - as well as being their kid’s greatest fan. Learn more about volunteering as a youth sports coach here.

The YMCA of Austin has a responsibility to our community to serve youth and their families through positive experiences that teach them the value of community togetherness. 

YMCA of Austin youth sports will focus on the development of the whole child through age-appropriate & character-based curriculum, delivered in a judgement-free environment that allows participants to learn, develop, and be filled with joy. 

These recreational youth development programs will produce memorable game-day experiences.

Through purposeful training of staff and volunteers, targeted marketing, and clear communication, the YMCA of Austin can fill the gap in our community and provide non-competitive youth sports leagues, so that young people may:

  • Develop youth sports skills & grow into well-rounded athletes and people;
  • Realize their potential as active, engaged, and thriving global thinkers; 
  • Participate in YMCA youth sports for three or more seasons and who will enroll in other Y youth programs.
  • T-ball does not practice during the week. 
  • Baseball (ages 6+) will practice for one-hour each week. 
  • All leagues are co-ed.
  • Games are played within a one-hour period. 
  • Teams are coached by volunteers - who must pass background check, complete child sexual abuse prevention training, and attend pre-season coaches training. 
  • Shirts and Hats are provided for each participant prior. Players may pants of any color and may wear athletic shoes or cleats 

Youth Baseball Rules and Guidelines

  • Coaches are encouraged to wear masks when not able to social distance (at least 6 ft apart)
  • Coaches, players and spectators must bring their own water. 
  • Good game handshake lines are permitted 

YMCA of Austin Concussion Guide

Volunteers are crucial to the success of our program. Thank you very much for volunteering your time and talent to serve as Y youth sports volunteer coach.


Visit our volunteer training page for details and requirements to become a coach for YMCA of Austin sports leagues. 

Below are the inclement weather guidelines for YMCA of Austin youth soccer. These are relevant for games and practices.

1. If any outdoor field has standing water, then games will be cancelled.

2. YMCA game and practice lead staff will use the Weather Bug app to monitor inclement weather, including lightning in the area. In the event of a lightning/thunderstorm, procedures have been established for all outdoor youth sports and recreational activities to ensure the utmost safety for all of our participants. At the first sound of thunder, participants will be cleared from the playing field to a shelter or to their cars. The game will be suspended for thirty (30) minutes from the last sound of thunder before resuming play. Site supervisors and referees will notify all participants when it is safe to resume play or if the games have been cancelled for the day due to the weather.

3. Heat weather guidelines must be followed  Coaches should enforce this policy during practices and games. 

4. Parent Notifications for Cancelled Games:

  • If games start the second half before being cancelled, then the games result will stand as determined by the score at the time of cancellation. If the game is cancelled during the first half, then the game will be made up, if possible.
  • If games are cancelled, a notification will be displayed on the YMCA website, YMCA branch Facebook page, and an email will be sent to all coaches, via Playerspace, two hours prior (if possible).


Please contact your local YMCA for Youth Sports Inquiries

Northwest Family YMCA - 512.335.9622

East Communities YMCA - 512.933.9622

TownLake YMCA - 512.542.9622

Southwest Family YMCA - 512.891.9622

Hays Communities YMCA - 512.523.0099

Springs Family YMCA - 512.894.3309

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