Teen Fitness Orientation

Our Teen Fitness Orientation teaches youth and teens (ages 12-15) how to work out safely and effectively within the Y Fitness Center. Teen Fitness Orientations introduce basic muscle anatomy, exercise concepts and guidelines, gym etiquette and safety practices.

Once youth have successfully completed the program, they will be able to work out in the Fitness Center without parental supervision.

The program includes a home study with video, on-line written exam and in-person practical exam.

The exam includes a basic proficiency of the information learned in the home study portion and is taken on the honor system without notes or the manual. A passing score of 80% or high is required before the practical exam will be scheduled. Upon passing the written exam, the youth member will be contacted within 3-5 days to schedule a time for the practical exam. This is where the youth member will demonstrate proper usage of all the fitness equipment covered in the home study and video. The practical exam is graded as pass or fail.

A Youth Waiver must be signed by the parent and on file at the Welcome Center. Upon passing both exams, the youth member will be given a lanyard or bracelet to wear, which allows access to the fitness center at all YMCA of Austin branches.