Membership Hold or Cancellation

We’re living through unprecedented times. You have a few options when making decisions regarding your membership with the YMCA:

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Continue Your Membership

Continue as a member, and your dues will ensure the YMCA stays here for good, committed to the community we serve.

Become a sustaining giver by adding $7 per month to your dues. Learn more here.

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Request a Temporary Hold

Your dues will not be drafted until your hold date ends. The longest we will place any membership on hold is through September 30. When your hold date ends, your membership will become active, and your dues will once again be drafted. 

Please fill out the Member Hold Request below.



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Cancel Your Membership

A cancellation means that your membership is terminated.

You will need to re-join as a member if you wish to return to the YMCA of Austin. 

Please fill out the Member Cancellation Request below.

We require 10 days notice prior to draft date to hold or cancel. 

Once you submit your hold or cancellation, a representative at your facility will process your request. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email when a representative at your home location has set your account to terminate.

You are responsible to ensure the cancellation has occurred.

If you do not indicate your wish to cancel your membership or place it on hold, the YMCA of Austin will continue drafting your membership dues. No refunds will be given.

Length of Hold Requested
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Reason for Termination