Camp in Motion

For Ages 5 to 20

Camp in Motion is designed for individuals ages 5-20 with mild-to-moderate cerebral palsy, or other similar neurological diagnoses, who have a range of use of at least one arm and can follow directions at preschool level. If you are uncertain of your child’s ability to participate at this level, please contact

Camp is a special time for kids to explore new skills and interests and to make new friends. It’s a place of discovery and fun, and the Y is pleased to partner with Dell Children’s pediatric staff to bring this essential rite of childhood to all children.

Dell Children’s Adaptive Sports Camp in Partnership with the YMCA of Austin

The cost of the camp can be submitted to most health insurance plans, and scholarships will be made available. Paying out of pocket is also an option if you don’t wish to use therapy visits for camp. A prescription is required for medical clearance to camp, which is included in the last page of the Camp Registration Form. In order to plan, you may contact your insurance company. You may provide the following billing codes to your provider for verification of coverage: CPT Code 97161, 97162, 97163, 97150. Insurance companies have different expiration requirements for prescriptions but most are around 30 days.

For any facility related questions regarding Camp in Motion, please direct Southwest Family YMCA questions to Haley Tarase at  and CHASCO Family YMCA questions to David Stryjewski at, and for billing and therapy related questions contact

The experience includes sports, friends and fun in an inclusive environment. Campers participate in individual and group activities with Dell Children’s pediatric physical and occupational therapists and YMCA program staff.

Sports, music, dance, martial arts, daily pool and water activities, and more! Plus, an end of camp award ceremony.

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“Being able to have that typical summer camp experience is huge for a child with disabilities. And as a parent, its huge for me to see my child included.”

– Laura A., YMCA Camp in Motion Parent