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There’s a simple pleasure in turning away from distractions, going outdoors, and devoting your full attention to all the sensations of the present moment. On Saturday, December 1, families gathered at YMCA Camp Moody to experience this immersion, known as shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, together.

Get outside more. Go for a walk. Advice that’s been handed down from mothers to their children since time immemorial, and perennial resolutions for many a new year. Our instincts tell us it’s right and our hearts compel us again and again toward the outdoors.

As the Texas heat becomes a memory and fall weather sets in, October is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature with a family hike. Perfect for all ages, hiking can be as gentle or as challenging as your group wants to make it. Just pick a destination, pack some gear and hit the trail!

Choose Your Path

Every year, it never fails: the energy and exuberance of the last day of school collapses into doldrums as fast as a popsicle melts in the sun. Before you know it, those dreaded words are uttered: “I’m bored.”

Well, don’t let the endless days of summer pass by without making them count. Here are some great activities that are FREE, FUN, and FASCINATING!