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Hey there! I’m Bridget Thomas, the Health and Wellness Director at the East Communities Branch. I wanted to shine a spotlight on one of our new, value-added (AKA free for Y members!) classes that we recently added to our group exercise schedule.

We’re shining a spotlight on one of our specialty fitness classes, Women with Weights!

For parents, the coming of a new school year always brings new challenges. It’s easy to get lost in the stress of it all: a new schedule; the addition of homework, clubs, and sports; and helping your child adjust to the million other demands and responsibilities they face at school.

My heart pounded. Sweat puddled on my arms. My legs were Jell-O. No, I wasn’t in a horror movie. Close. Spinning class.
I’ll level with you….whatever you have heard about cycling classes, it’s true. Yes, you might feel like you are going to die. Yes, it’s hard; it can be a pain in the…you know. Yes, you can leave feeling euphoric.

Are you suffering from unbearable shoulder pain? Does it hurt when you reach over to the back seat?

This month we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our specialty fitness classes, TRX® Suspension Training!

This class is taught by Arielle, and uses the unique TRX® training tool that allows you to use your own body weight and gravity as resistance.

This month, we would like to shine the spotlight on our specialty class, Ballet Fitness and the awesome instructor, Corinna!

February’s Featured Class:

We’ve got a lot of amazing exercise classes here at East Communities (more than 60 every week!). That’s a lot to keep track of!

Not Working: It Works!

An Experiment in Improving Health & Productivity Through Taking Breaks

“Have you been doing any stretches or yoga?” My massage therapist asked me for the 20th time, in his soothing massage therapist voice.