Adaptive Dance

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All Ages

Adaptive Dance is the perfect class for the child who loves to express themselves through dance and movement. Children of all abilities will gain confidence, self-esteem and have fun. Children will experience many types of movement and dance techniques.

This program will incorporate both Hip-Hop and creative movement combined with fitness elements for a fun, upbeat cardio workout. This program is designed for individuals with disabilities to engage in physical activity as well as to form connections and build friendships. We invite individuals who require a hands-on volunteer to bring along another family member or caregiver, to ensure the class is a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone!

Adaptive Dance

People of all abilities deserve the opportunity to move their bodies creatively and enjoy the freedom of dance. Our Adaptive Dance classes teach participants how to express themselves through a positive medium. Our classes are for all ages and ability levels. Come to share in the love for dance while being able to openly and freely express yourself. Adaptive dance can improve coordination and foster positive social interaction. Creative movement also improves physical and mental health and wellbeing. Designed for individuals with disabilities to be engaged in physical activity and socialization.

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For questions about our Adaptive and Inclusive opportunities, please contact Haley Tarase.

“There’s nothing quite like seeing the look of joy on our dancers’ faces as they move together in class. Aside from the physical activity and dance technique, they learn how to interact socially with peers.”

– Haley Tarase, YMCA Instructor