Adaptive Programs

Adaptive Programs Overview

We offer a selection of inclusive programs, designed to meet a variety of ability needs. To ensure a fun and meaningful experience for everyone, we ask that your child meet the following requirements:

  • Interest in activity, and willingness to participate alongside peers.
  • Able to follow directions in a group setting with little redirection needed.
  • Participating children should be able to participate independently for most of the time. However, if 1:1 support is needed, a parent/caretaker can provide support and participate in class.

We are able to work with a variety of physical, intellectual, and sensory needs. If you have any questions about specific accommodations, please contact our Adaptive Program Director, Haley Tarase.

A female member in green sleeveless shirt and black pants and glasses looks into the mirror with focus as she does dumbbell curls. Weight machines are blurred in the background of the photograph

Adaptive Fitness

Our Adaptive Fitness classes go beyond conventional fitness to suit different lifestyles and varying levels of fitness. We offer a more personalized approach to our group fitness sessions with one-on-one advice and goal setting.

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A young girl with glasses sits in a wheelchair and smiles while holding a tennis racket

Adaptive Sports

The Y promotes and provides access to healthy lifestyles for all children and adults, including those with disabilities. YMCA Adaptive Sports programs are designed so that youth with diverse needs can experience building skills, confidence and friendships through sports. 

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Two young females with trisomy-21 are in ballet outfits

Adaptive Dance

Adaptive Dance is the perfect class for the child who loves to express themselves through dance and movement. Children of all abilities will gain confidence, self-esteem and have fun.

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A young girl wearing a blue tank top and black pants runs over a gymnastics mat, smiling. Gymnastics equipment is blurred in the background of the photograph.

Adaptive Gymnastics

Adaptive Gymnastics is a  class for children with a variety of abilities and needs. Parents assist their child in a fun and exciting gymnastics class. We utilize several obstacle courses to help stimulate problem solving and critical thinking. 

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Want to Know More?

For questions about our Adaptive and Inclusive opportunities, please contact Haley Tarase by clicking here.