Spring Break Camp

Each year during Spring Break the EAC Y hosts a fun, engaging all-day camp for kids aged 5-12. Enroll your camper in Spring Break Camp for games, crafts, swimming, a field trip and more.

All activities are based on the Y’s character development values and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your camper is enjoying enrichment activities under the watchful eyes of trained YMCA counselors. Your camper will make new friends, gain confidence and expand their horizons.

YMCA Spring Break camp will be available at multiple locations across Travis and Hays counties for children ages 5-12 (selected programs for 4-year-olds). Camp will include tons of themed enrichment activities.

Registration will open in February 2021. 

Camp Dates: March 15-19 for 2021; 7:15-6:30pm daily 

Example Theme: Spectacular Spring!   

Kites, Bees, and Tiny Seeds! Campers will experience nature this week with activities, such as wind powered mazes, butterfly squish art, and a cheese powder pollination experiment, that will celebrate the windy weather, buzzing insects, and vibrant flowers that we welcome during spring.  Colorful literature will include The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, The Bee Bully by Angela Muse, and The Thing About Spring by Daniel Kirk.

Locations: Five locations across Austin TBA, and two daycare locations

Fees: $210 / week

More information to come in late January! 

Registration will open for all camps February 1st!        



Financial Assistance Policy: YMCA of Austin programs and activities are designed to benefit persons of all backgrounds, and fees are based on the cost of providing each program. While participants are expected to pay their fair share, when financial assistance dollars are available, the YMCA will assist any individual or family that wants to participate but cannot afford the fee.

Financial Assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Only completed applications will be accepted and reviewed. Funds are limited, and we recommend applying early.

What do I need to apply for Financial Assistance?

  1. Completed Program Enrollment Form (link above)

  2. Completed Financial Assistance Application (español)

  3. Most Recent Tax Return (*refer to the application’s policy page if you do not file taxes)

  4. Two recent pay stubs

How do I submit my Financial Assistance application?

  1. By Email: psfinancialassistance@austinymca.org
  2. In Person: 55 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78702
  3. By Mail: 55 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78702

For details on Spring Break financial assistance, contact JoseLuis Flores, Accounts Director, with questions and to apply.

Information to come soon!

Email Extend-A-Care YMCA or call 512-236-9622 for general questions and help with your registration, camp billing, financial assistance, and Y online account


Debbie Rios-Lombraña Accounts Director 512-226-8239

Joseluis Flores Accounts Director 512-236-9622 ext. 360

Cris Perez Senior Business Director 512-226-8234


Andie Connors Associate Executive Director 512-322-9622 ext. 361

Jay Mills Associate Executive Director 512-226-8229


Jaime Garcia Executive Director  512-226-8254

Dr. Joan Altobelli VP of Licensed Child Care  512-226-8274

Frequently Asked Questions

Each day will be filled with enriching crafts, STEAM activities, and organized games all based on the theme Spectacular Spring! Trained camp staff will help lead campers in character development activities, team building games, trips to the pool, and field trips. The YMCA of Austin desires for each and every child to gain a sense of accomplishment, build relationships, and find their sense of belonging. 

Children aged 5-12 can attend camp (with selected programs for 4-year-olds). A child must be the minimum age before or on the Monday of camp. Age limits are set by licensing, via the Texas Department of Family Protective Services and Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Please contact Extend-A-Care YMCA with any questions about age restrictions. 

Camp hours are 7:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M (7:15am-6:30pm pilot times at Baranoff only). Parents can drop off and pick up at any time between these hours.

Please keep swimming and field trip times in mind when dropping off/picking up. Campers can be dropped off at the pool or field trip, but parents must remember to sign in their child(ren). Late fees will apply for any children picked up after camp hours. 

Please remember to sign your child in and out each day. Anyone picking up (Primary and Secondary Guardians and authorized pick-ups) should bring a photo ID to present to staff every day, for the child(ren)’s security and safety. Staff may differ each day, so authorized pick-ups must be prepared to present ID any time they go to pick up.

 Authorized pick-ups must be on the pick-up list in order to sign out and leave with the child(ren). If the Primary Parent/Guardian needs to add an authorized pick up, they should email Extend-A-Care YMCA prior to pick up with as much notice as possible. Please include the full name and contact information of any new authorized pick-ups/emergency contacts.

For health and safety, specific information will be emailed to you via a welcome email after registration is complete regarding drop off and pick ups. 

Our group leaders are enthusiastic and motivated to lead your child(ren) through fun themed activities, games, and songs! 

All staff are required to be at least 18-years-old and a high school graduate upon being hired. YMCA Site Directors are required to be least 21 years of age, graduates of high school, and must have at least one year of licensed childcare experience.The vast majority of staff hired has previous childcare experience.

At hiring, our staff is trained extensively through HHSC-mandated week-long Pre-Service training, First Aid/CPR training, new-hire orientation, child abuse sexual prevention training, and blood borne pathogens training. Staff must continue to participate in training and staff development seminars once employed

Y staff is trained on many procedures to ensure your child’s safe participation in camp and recognize that active supervision is important in all aspects of child care programs.

Camp staff will divide the kids into small manageable groups and assign counselors to each group. Your child will notice that we like to count and will be conducting head counts frequently — prior to loading and leaving the camp site, unloading, during the activity or trip, before lunch, bathroom breaks, after lunch, before loading the bus and after returning to camp. Name tags and / or bracelets may also be used on field trips. 

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services requires a minimum of one staff per 22 to 26 children. The Y is proud to strive for one staff per 15 children ratio. For field trips and swimming, the ratio is 1 staff to 10 children. 

Camp opens each morning at 7:30 AM. After signing your camper in, encourage them to place their belongings in their proper place (i.e. backpack table by age group). The more routine, the better. Between 7:30 and roughly 8:45 am, centers will be available for all campers. Centers may include board games, manipulatives, books, and coloring sheets. 

Following centers is usually morning snack, and then the beginning of rotations. Campers are grouped by age and will do character development activities and games related to the weekly theme. While group 1 is playing an organized game in the gym or playing outside, group 2 will be doing an activity such as craft, a STEM activity, or team building. 

Lunch is usually between 11-1pm depending on field trips and swimming. Please provide a healthy lunch and a refillable water bottle for your camper each day. Following lunch is more character development activities, organized games, and outside play. 

The end of the day is usually winded down with centers. Please remember to sign your child(ren) out and make sure you take all belongings and crafts home with you. 

Having our camps at schools grants us more space for activities with use of the cafeteria, playground, gym, and classrooms to enhance the curriculum and schedule we have planned for the kids’ enjoyment. The schools we use for camp are also used for some of our Afterschool sites, so we are familiar with them and their wonderful staffs. Most of the Y branches don’t provide a lot of space for our camps, unfortunately (with East Communities being an exception due to its exterior portables). At schools we are also able to operate camp without interfering with members who want to work out and swim. 

The Y contracts with local school districts and use their buses and drivers for transportation to transport the camps to their swim and field trip locations.  

What to bring to Spring Break Camp - Backpack with items (lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, towel, swimsuit)

Please pack a labelled healthy lunch and refillable water bottle for your camper each day. We will provide morning and afternoon snacks. 

On swim days, your camper should bring/wear a swimsuit, change of clothes, a bag for wet clothes, towel, and other things they might need for the pool (earplugs, goggles, etc.) You can also provide your own Coast Guard approved lifejacket, but we will provide one at the pool. 

Flip flops will be ok for the pool, but your camper should wear closed-toe shoes so s/he can participate in games and activities safely.  

Your camper should have a labelled backpack/bag to keep all of his/her/their belongings inside. Please label all of your child’s belongings, and make sure to take everything belonging to your camper home with you. 

For outside activities, your camper might need a sunscreen and hat. Because many activities (including field trips, swimming, and time on the playground) occur outside, we recommend that you either apply sunscreen on your child in the morning or send your camper with sunscreen. Camp staff will always have camp sunscreen available and will apply sunscreen to campers as necessary. Camp staff will always have camp sunscreen available and will apply sunscreen to campers as necessary. 

Please leave toys, mobile devices, money, or other personal items of high value at home.

The Site Director will create a detailed, weekly activity plan listing all crafts, activities, field trips, and swim times for that week of camp. You will receive the activity plan on the first day of camp. It will include travel times to the pool and field trip as well as scheduled activities, snack times, and contact info for the camp and directors. Look for the activity plan at the parent table. 

A basic swim and field trip schedule will be available on the Spring Break Camp webpage.  

Our counselors do their best to actively supervise groups of children within ratio. Due to the large group format of our program, the YMCA is unable to provide one-on-one care and makes no claim to do so for any child. Exceptions include: injuries, immediate disciplinary issues, and certain personal care needs customarily provided to all children.

Y Camp is open to ALL children, and the YMCA will work with children of all abilities. Parents have a duty to disclose significant medical, physical, or behavioral needs at the time of enrollment. Due to the large group format of camp the Y is unable to provide one-on-one care except on intermittent basis. If your camper has a special need and may need an accommodation or assistance from camp staff, we strongly encourage parents to contact the YMCA Program Director before the camper’s first day to discuss how to best prepare that camper for success. 

Please make sure to check the boxes for special needs and/or allergies on the enrollment forms. There is a line on the form to include details about your child’s allergy or special condition. Please keep in mind that Y staff cannot be with a child one-on-one as camp operates in a large group format. If you have questions about this, then please email Extend-A-Care YMCA or the Program Director over the camp. 

Our licensing requires that children enrolled in our programs who have indicated food allergies have a Food Allergy Emergency Plan prepared by their health care professional before they can attend. 

This Food Allergy Emergency Plan must:

1)   List your child’s full name and date of birth

2)   List each food your child is allergic to, possible symptoms if exposed to the food on the list, and the steps to take if your child has an allergic reaction

3)  Be signed and dated by your health care professional

4)  Be signed and dated by you

If you are an Afterschool participant and we already have a copy of your allergy plan for this year, then you do not need to submit a new form for Winter or Spring Break camps.

The allergy plan must be renewed every year. 

Most health care professionals have their own format for this information, which we can accept as long as it meets the above criteria. If you need a copy of the form, we are happy to provide you with one. Just call us at 512-236-9622 or email us. Please email the allergy form to Extend-A-Care YMCA

YMCA of Austin programs and activities are designed to benefit persons of all backgrounds, and fees are based on the cost of providing each program. While participants are expected to pay their fair share, when financial assistance dollars are available, the YMCA will assist any individual or family that wants to participate but cannot afford the fee.

Financial Assistance is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Only completed applications will be accepted and reviewed. Funds are limited, and we recommend applying early.

We require a completed camp registration form, a completed FA application, a recent 1040 tax return, and 2 recent pay stubs. Camp Registration forms and FA form can be found on the camp webpage. For any questions about Financial Assistance, contact Accounts Director Joseluis Flores at PSFinancialAssistance@austinymca.org.   

Only the primary parent/guardian (or secondary if authorized) is able to submit a request to Extend-A-Care YMCA to identify an adult who is authorized to pick up the child. Authorized pick up contacts are also added to your Emergency Contacts and must be 16 years old or older.

Please provide the full name and full contact information of the person you wish to add when submitting request. Please also contact us with plenty of time before the person picks up to ensure we are able to notify the site staff and Program Director. If you have any questions, or have a last minute changes please call us directly (512-236-9622) during business hours.

Information will be available soon!

We do our best to ensure that we can provide childcare to as many families as possible, while also keeping the safety of the children in mind in accordance with site capacities set by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services and the Department of Health. If a camp is at capacity, we will recommend another camp nearby that still has space. 

If you are not interested in attending an alternate camp location, you may be added to a waitlist. Spaces become available for a variety of reasons including cancellations. Spaces are offered to those on the waitlist on a first come, first served basis. Spaces are not guaranteed for those on the waitlist and registration will be pending available space for all programs.

The best guarantee of getting a spot at your preferred camp is registering early. 

Our Site Directors and Counselors are passionate about their role in your child’s life while at the YMCA, and we welcome communication with parents. Please feel free to share any questions, suggestions, allergy information, etc. for your child to any on-site camp staff. Additionally, the phone number and email address of the Program Director for camp will be listed on the weekly Activity Plan and available online. The camp webpage will also have contact details for your camp’s Program Director.