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Boxing at the YMCA of Austin is designed to prepare adults and youth to play positive roles in the their community through self-discipline and character development. That goal is achieved through a program that focuses on growing strong bodies, disciplined minds and enhanced personal character.

Boxing and defense is the primary focus with mixed martial arts and Tae Kwon Do elements included to provide a varied training session to challenge and encourage participants. Download the YMCA mobile app off iTunes or Google Play for schedules on the go!

Boxing Classes include:

Boxing Format l & ll: Learn the fundamentals of Olympic Style Boxing under the tutelage of a boxing instructor (certified by the United States Amateur Boxing Federation). This is a high intensity class which stresses conditioning and boxing technique. Students incorporate traditional boxing apparatus in the workout (jump rope, speed bag, heavy bag, and double end bag). Class session also includes one-on-one technique training with the instructor.

Advanced Boxing: Beyond the fundamentals. Stretch the intensity of your workout and master new techniques.

Girls Boxing: Learn the basics of boxing and fitness. Open to girls only.

Teen Boxing: Learn the fundamentals of boxing while gaining tremendous fitness. Class is co-ed and open to boys & girls.

Krav Maga: Krav Maga is the most effective self-defense system offered today. This system is accessible to anyone interested in learning self-defense techniques in aim to protect themselves and their surroundings. It is the International Krav Maga Federation's (IKMF) ongoing task to reach out to as many individuals in as many possible countries and provide them with self-defense tools that will allow them to self-defend effectively and eliminate danger so that everyone may walk in peace.