Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson

District Executive Director

Languages Spoken


Community.  Wellness. Youth.  These three words capture the foundation and the motivating force behind my life and career.  I moved to Austin in 2010 from the lovely city by the bay, San Francisco, where I can proudly claim fourteen years of professional YMCA experience with the YMCA of San Francisco.  Mistakenly, I came to the Y thinking it would just be a summer job where I would work at camp.  The idea of working with kids and going to all of the cool places around the Bay Area sounded like a fabulous way to spend a summer.  I had no idea the Y would tap into my passion to work in an organization that has a tremendous, transformational impact on people’s lives and the community. 

Throughout my 25 year YMCA career, I have been successful in developing and strengthening community partnerships, expanding membership, and developing programs within the community to a variety of constituents especially in reaching the invisible populations.  I bring exceptional volunteer development skills with expertise in fundraising.  I have been the recipient of five Quantum Leap Awards. This prestigious award honors staff and/or programs that have provided services in a creative and collaborative manner that exhibit a “quantum leap” in program development and community service  I’m a proud graduate of the Y-USA’s Executive Development Institute (EDI) and most recently, CEO Preparatory Institute (CPI).  To sate my drive as an avid, lifelong learner, I went back to school to attain my Masters of Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco (December 2008).  I attained my BS in Psychology at Texas A&M (1995). 

When I’m not at the Y, I’m blessed to spend time with a tremendous network of family and friends.   I love to travel, go to the theater, listen to live music, read books that make me feel, explore the outdoors, and eat lavish dinners with a great bottle of red wine. 

Favorite Quote: “Let the dreamers, believers, courageous, planners, and doers ignite a fire within each of us to leave the world better than when we found it. “ –Wilferd Peterson