James Finck

Languages Spoken


James was born and raised in California. He attended San Diego State University where he earned a degree in Recreation Management and Public Administration. James began his career as the Director of Health and Fitness with the Kern County YMCA in Bakersfield, California. He later became an Associate Executive Director in Sacramento, California and then CEO of the Maui YMCA, followed by CEO of the Shasta Family YMCA. He began his career at the YMCA of Austin as President and CEO in February, 2008. Since then, the YMCA has experienced unprecedented growth through substantial reinvestment in facilities, opening of new facilities and the building of hundreds of community partnerships. James is fond of saying, “success may often be driven by big, tall, beautiful buildings, large member numbers, and bevies of programs, but true success is in the individual stories. The stories make up the whole.” Those individual stories frame his vision and leadership at the YMCA of Austin.