Women's Only Swim

At the YMCA of Austin, we’re always willing to listen to our members’ wants and needs. That’s why, after being approached by a female member who hadn’t been able to swim in years due to religious customs, the Women’s-Only Swim program was born.

With this program, women who haven’t been able to enjoy pools for years have a guaranteed place to go every week. The swim is geared for adult women ages 16+ and staffed with female lifeguards.

Religious conventions got the ball rolling for this program, but once it began women with other challenges began attending. The benefits of a women’s only swim were immediately realized.


I cannot express my feeling about the first time that I swam with my daughters. It is so pleasing to be able to accompany the family and be with your kids and experience a happy moment and have joyful time.

“I am four months out from completing treatment for breast cancer, which included a mastectomy and reconstruction,” another woman said. “This was the perfect non-threatening environment for me to test my gills again.”

TIMES: Sunday, 8:00-10:00am

LOCATION: TownLake YMCA Natatorium

FEE: Free for both the community and Y members

*Window coverings will be placed as needed. All participants please sign our waiver at the door. Children under the age of four are allowed to attend Women’s-Only Swim. All children must be supervised and within arm’s reach of guardian at all times. Please note that our childcare facility will not yet be open during open swim. Please check our website and app for last-minute updates.

Available Sessions