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TLYMCA Fitness Orientation

TownLake YMCA Fitness Orientations

Continue Your Journey!

To support you in meeting your health and wellness goals, we offer several options included with your membership.

Choose any or all of these options: 


Meet with 2-5 other Y members and a Personal Trainer to gain familiarity with our fitness equipment while meeting other members. Group orientations are 45-55 minutes long, and available at set times each week. Choose an orientation to learn how to use cardio or strength equipment. Register on-line or at the Welcome Center.


Meet individually with a Certified Personal Trainer to determine your starting point for cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance. Appointment includes body composition and Polar® Body-Age Assessment. Register online or at the Welcome Center.


Meet individually with a Certified Personal Trainer to discuss your fitness history and determine how an individualized workout plan will help you meet your fitness goals. Appointment will include determining pricing and setting up a weekly training schedule for one-on-one or partner personal training. Register at the Welcome Center or online. 



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