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The Dripping Springs Family YMCA offers specialized tennis programs for youth ages 3 and up. The YMCA Tennis program is all about fun, friends, fitness and learning this lifetime sport! Whether you’re attempting to hit your first forehand, playing your first match, or preparing for a tournament, we have the class for you. Take a look at the programs we offer, and see which feels like the right fit. 

Group Classes

Youth Classes:

  • Preschool Tennis (ages 3-5): Basic tennis for young children will be taught in a fun, cooperative environment. Children will be taught proper tennis fundamentals to allow them to graduate into a real court setting with all the basic skills intact.
  • Beginner Youth Tennis (ages 6-1 & 11-17): Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of tennis in a fun, cooperative environment.
  • Youth/Teen Intermediate/Advanced Tennis League (ages 7-17): This class is geared toward the intermediate/advanced tennis player that is wanting to take their game to the next level. This class consists of tennis conditioning, drill, skills and court time. Participants will also become tournament ready. Subject to tennis instructors approval and skills assessment.
  • Youth/Teen Intermediate Tennis (ages 8-17): Participants will build upon the basic fundamentals of tennis that was introduced in beginner lessons. Participants will learn the basic rules, tournament rules and play. 

Adult Classes:

  • Beginner to 3.0 Tennis: Beginner to 3.0 (USTA rating) This class is designed for beginners or players who have played before, but need to cover the basic of ground stroke formation (forehand/backhand), serves, volleying, lobs, and basic rules. We will also cover keeping score and making sure these players are self-sufficient as they play tennis with others. You can expect to have tennis drills, some rallies with other class members, and some games as part of class.
  • Intermediate/Advanced 3.0-4.0: This class is for players who are rated (self) as 3.0 - 4.0 players. We will tuned up your ground strokes, volleys, lobs, serves, and basic game strategy. The course will focus mostly on developing existing skills and fine tuning strategies that lead to successful shot making and fun/competitive levels of tennis play. You can expect to do some drills, but most of the class will focus on hitting lessons and feedback during rallies and games with other class members. This is a great class if you want to improve your game and get ready for some tennis tournaments this year.

Please contact Suzi Ziegenbein for all private lesson information and scheduling. Her contact information is or 512-894-3309.