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Adaptive Fitness

Adaptive Fitness provides a variety of group exercise classes such as Circuit Training, Indoor Cycling, and Yoga - all designed to meet any fitness level or ability.

Being physically active can present a challenge for children with special needs. But, just because it is challenging doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Incorporating sports and fitness activities into everyday routines is just (if not more!) important for children with special needs as it is for children and adults of all ages. The many benefits of exercise are well known facts, but when applied to those with special needs the benefits become even more evident. Take these benefits of special needs sports activities for example.

  • Boosts the Immune System: Moving arms, legs, and muscles increases the number of white cells in the blood. White blood cells are the “infection fighters” that chase down germs and gobble them up. Running, playing, and moving muscles make the army of germ fighters in your body grow stronger. This is important because those with special needs often experience a weaker immune system.
  • Improves Coordination:  Children with special needs, specifically those with autism, often experience poorly developed motor skills so learning to complete simple tasks such as picking up small objects or catching a ball can be major achievements. Playing games like catch and even swimming can help improve coordination to help them be successful doing all those little things that life demands.
  • Perks Up the Mood: Movement is a great way to calm the mind when anxious and cheer you up when you are sad. Having a clearer head can help children with special needs pause for a moment and really focus.

Adaptive Circuit:  This class provides a great workout as you move through a series of stations designed to elevate heart rate and challenge muscles.

Adaptive Cycle:  Great low-impact cardio workout is appropriate for all fitness levels and will include coordinated music for each ride.

Adaptive Walk & Stretch:  Class will focus on walking/jogging for cardio health and proper stretching before and after exercise.

Adaptive Yoga:  A sequence of basic yoga poses and postures designed to tone the body and tune the mind. Class will focus on breathing and gentle stretching while listening to relaxing music.

Program offered at Southwest YMCA - Please contact: for further questions.