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Media in Youth & Government


NEWSROOM! Here we come! 

Everything media you can image, newspaper, broadcast, podcast, blogs and online social media! YG is about teens and covered by teens! Bring your talents and your skills to ensure in-depth coverage of our conferences and events! You could be the star of our news cast at night or the head of our newspaper! Are you a format guru, be our print editor?  Can only you see the world perfectly through a lens? Helps us see how you see YG and become our head photographer! 

News can make or break politicians! Stretch your influence muscles and show our youth leaders that even in YG somebody is always watching and always listening!

Get ready to expose how much media influences the political process. 

Learn more today! Contact (Missy Quintela, District Director) at 512-236-9622 or email her at to get involved.