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Legislative in Youth & Government

Are you passionate about Texas and National Politics! Do you have new and creative ideas on how to solve the issues facing TEXAS?

In Legislative students create bills focused on topics important to them. Bills are debated, considered in committee and moved to house or senate for consideration.  Share your passion with other students from your school, city and across the state! Our student legislature considers bills from across the aisle and across all topics. In the Legislature students are given the opportunity to be involved in healthy debate with peers across all subsections of politics.


Examples of major topics that are covered under Texas law:

Public education, higher education (state colleges or universities), health and human services, workers’ compensation, public safety, business and economic development, civil practices, criminal justice, gambling, family issues, environment, intrastate transportation, state chartered financial institutions, state and local government organization, licensing of certain professionals, etc.


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For more information about how to start a Youth and Government club at your school, please contact:

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