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Judicial in Youth & Government


Are you always watching the news to see the latest from the courts? Do you wonder how that attorney was able to get their client the minimum sentence instead of life? Or are you simply a theatric who has been looking for a place to own the show? Then our judicial section is for you!


Each year students evaluate and debate high press cases from across the nation. Double murders, homicides and so much more! This section allows you to team up with a group of friends, to dominate as a duo or to own the gavel SOLO! Students can participate as Judges presiding over the court room and ultimate decision maker on who has the best case!

Teams can bring together drama addicts and straight debaters to make your team the one to beat!  2 attorneys lead the team through the trial, while the witness and bailiffs help carry the case and are the difference between not guilty and guilty!


Are you the dynamite duo? Well our Appellate section is the place for you. Show off your writing skills and ability to defend your stance and you and your teammate could reverse the decision on this case! The Judicial section will give you the knowledge of legal procedure, ability to communicate, questioning skills, reasoning ability, and knowledge of law, organization, critical thinking, preparation and teamwork.


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