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Financial Assistance Program

YMCA of Austin programs and activities are designed to benefit persons of all backgrounds, and fees are based on the cost of providing each program. While participants are expected to pay their fair share, when financial assistance dollars are available, the YMCA will assist any individual or family that wants to participate but cannot afford the fee.

How to Apply

1. Complete the YMCA of Austin Financial Assistance Application

For Membership - Apply using Online Application Form:


Download Application Form:

*For Afterschool 2014-15 - Please refer to the Afterschool Care webpage for instructions on how to apply (Financial Assistance section). Afterschool Financial Assistance applications will not be accepted online. Parents must fill out an Afterschool packet completely.

2. Attach the following additional forms to the application:

Your most recent 1040 Federal tax return, AND your two most recent pay stubs or bank statements, and (if applicable) the two most recent pay stubs or bank statements of all other earners in your household, and proof of other income (including government assistance).

3. Return all of the above materials (including this form if downloaded) to the appropriate YMCA of Austin branch.

What Happens Next

Processing of your forms usually takes about two weeks. When your forms are processed, the YMCA will contact you by letter or telephone. The YMCA will send you a letter to verify that your application has been approved. Bring the verification letter with you whenever you sign up for a YMCA membership or program.

Financial Assistance Is Temporary

The YMCA of Austin recognizes that from time to time, people may need some financial help. Financial assistance is intended to be temporary. You may be asked to reapply.