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Y Story from one of our humble members

We received this submission from a member who wishes to remain anonymous. The Y impacts everyone in a different way, and stories like this are what brings the work to life:  

I cannot imagine my life without the Y. I started working for the Y in college (swim lessons, rhythmic parent and toddler class...random and wonderful things like that. All the way until I taught water aerobics for years (I still miss it and I wish I had life room to be with the amazing, community-driven group of people that the water aerobics demographic attracts).

I have a very real memory of "egging" at the side of the pool at Town Lake YMCA. I call myself an egg when I am curled up, needing to take the plunge into the cold water and get going. There was a season of prolonged egging. In 2014, I experienced a year of true heartbreak. The kind you don't want anyone to have to go through. It was romantic and it was also familial. My Dad was and is not well. We went through the ringer (and continue to do so). It was that year that we had to put him into assisted living. It was that year he almost died. It was that year that I had days that I wondered how I would go on. I had these thoughts as I "egged" knowing that I needed the rhythm of the water, telling myself that was the good thing I was doing for myself that day. I am proud to say that I disciplined myself to get to the water and seek the solace and repetitive motion that provided some respite. I am certain I got through that year with the help of the Y pool. I am someone that cannot afford the full pricing. I cannot express my gratitude, especially on days like today with conference calls with my dad's doctors etc., how much the Y makes a difference. I am in tears because I authentically feel that the Y has played a supportive role in my life without even knowing. I am grateful.


Anonymous member