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Y Afterschool Registration - 2018-19 School Year


ABOUT Y AFTERSCHOOL The YMCA afterschool program is the ideal out-of-school time opportunity for your child to grow academically, emotionally, and physically. Y Afterschool offers a constructive balance of counselor led activities and free time for child exploration. Curriculum is aligned with the school standards and includes daily enrichment activities (arts and crafts, science/math, nutrition/wellness, character development, and literacy). In addition, the YMCA of Austin provides CATCH physical activity curriculum, time for homework, a nutritious daily snack, and outside-playground time.

As with all YMCA programs, afterschool staff emphasize and model the YMCA five core character values (respect, responsibility, honesty, faith, and caring), and the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets. Participants gain confidence, explore new areas of interest, and make new friends in a safe and nurturing environment.  


  • $0 from April 9 - 15 for current Y Afterschool participant only. Online registration only. 
  • $15 / child from April 16 - 30. 
  • $30 / child from May 1 - May 31.
  • $50 / child from June 1 - August 5. 


For schools with start dates on or after August 13th:

  • If you register by 8/5, your child may start on the first day of school.
  • If you register from 8/6 through 8/12, your child may start on August 27th. 
  • If you register from 8/13 through 8/19, your child may start on September 4th. 
  • If you register on or after 8/20, depending on availability, your child may start on September 10th. 

Parents may register in any of the following ways: (registration will be confirmed within three business days)

1. Online 

East Austin ISD, IDEA, & Altamira Academy
Manor ISD
Round Rock ISD
South Austin ISD (Baranoff & Cowan)
UT Elementary

1. By Email to (with below completed scanned forms)

2. In Person at 3208 Red River, Suite 100; Austin, TX 78705

3. By Mail to 3208 Red River, Suite 100; Austin, TX 78705 (with below completed forms)

Afterschool 2018-19 Enrollment Forms

Formas de Inscripción Programa Después de Escuela 2018-19

To faciliate the registration of your child, please double check that your forms are completely filled out. If we are missing any information from your forms, a member of our Administrative Team will contact you about updating your forms with the missing information and your registration will be considered pending until your updated forms are received.  Frequent missing items are: special needs/illnesses, food allergies, parents authorized to pick up, emergency contacts (must be different than the primary and secondary parents with contact information), & doctor information.

For questions, please call 512-236-9622 or email the Program Services YMCA.

For more information about Y Afterschool, please visit here